Badass vs. Dumbass

WARNING: the following post may or may not contain bad words, but that all depends on how you define them.

Here’s a list of things you can do that do not make you a badass:




premarital sex


and some other things too.

Unless you are legitimately badass, like say a sniper who goes on secret missions for the government, or a winner of the Indy 500, or a navy seal; doing any of the above things will do nothing to change your status from a dumbass to a badass.

If you’re going to smoke, smoke because you like to. If you’re going to drink, drink because it’s a perfect summer afternoon barbecue or a timeless glass of wine with an old friend. If you’re going to do drugs, do them only after you’ve time traveled to the future and had your future self sign a consent form. If you’re going to have premarital sex, only do so if you’re passionately in love in a committed relationship with someone you intend to marry who feels the same way*. If you’re going to get tattoos, get tattoos of things that are deeply meaningful to you that you know will continue to be meaningful in fifty years. If you do any of these things (and some others) just because you want to be badass, you’re a dumbass.

* This is not, nor ever has been a good excuse to have premarital sex. I would never condone premarital sex. However, plenty of you either have or will have sex outside of marriage. Basically, don’t have sex just for the experience or to impress someone.


4 thoughts on “Badass vs. Dumbass

  1. I love the part about time traveling to the future and getting consent:)

    Just stick to your convictions about no premarital sex though. The truth is it always destructs a relationship even if you are planning on marrying the person the next day. And I think you can take the word of a once single mother:) My sis-in-law is engaged right now and I keep sending her texts and whispering “don’t do it….” (kindly with a sinsere smile) whenever I see her.

  2. splendified says:

    yeah, i know. i couldn’t think of a good way to put what i meant. All i meant was that some people are going to have premarital sex regardless of the consequences (like drugs–you don’t have to be a genius to know its going to be a bad idea) but that I think it’s different if you have sex with a stranger at a bar versus your fiance. I do completely agree with you about the destructiveness of it. even now i’m not sure i’m putting this right. you know what i mean?

  3. Sorry, yeah, I did know what you meant:) I just thought I’d encourage you to put it more strongly and let you know that you’re not offending people who did have premarital sex. I think making the mistake makes me even more passionate about seeing people keep their purity. Know what I mean? But you are right, there is a difference between a drunken one night stand and a loving relationship and of course only one of those falls under being a dumbass, which was the point of your post huh?:)

  4. splendified says:

    Yeah, i’m still not sure how to say what I meant because after i read your comment I realized there’s really no way of saying what I said without in some way condoning premarital sex (like, its still bad but a tiny bit ok if you have sex with your fiancee). I really do feel that until you are married, sex outside of marriage–giving your body which is a temple for God to someone outside of His blessing is not unlike cheating on Him in a weird way. While it might be more damaging to have sex with a stranger versus your fiancee, they’re both still outside of God’s will. I guess for the purpose of the point of the blog, I was implying that the worst reason to have premarital sex (to impress someone, or experience it recreationally) is going to make you a dumbass and not a badass. Especially if you get an std.

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