Dentist on Trial

Today I went to the dentist. This is my 5th dentist in 5 years. I seem to have a problem keeping them. Or vice versa. I switched from two of those dentists because my insurance changed, but the other two gave me such memorable experiences that I plan on never visiting them again.

The first one left me in the chair with a rubber dam in my mouth for 45  minutes while he attended to another patient. Afterward I went into the bathroom at the office and cried. And I never cry.  The second one put someone else’s tooth in my mouth. I guess I should explain. I got fitted for a crown. The dentist sent it away to have some place make it. Somewhere in there it got switched with some other patient’s crown. After my dentist got it back, it took 3 separate visits to have it refitted because for some strange reason it didn’t fit. Interesting. I’m no expert here, but that’s my best guess–especially since the shape of the crown is different than all my other teeth. I know this much:the crown in my mouth was not originally intended for my mouth. But like I said, I’m no expert.

Here’s hoping I don’t have to change dentists for a while.