The Intangible Factor

Yesterday was my brother’s wedding. It was beautiful. The weather was the most perfect you could have wished for, the bride was stunning, the handwritten vows were tender, and the sky was as blue as a forget-me-not flower. I had the privilege of capturing this day for them as one of their photographers and while I have a ton of great pictures that will take me forever and a day to edit, the sweetest pictures of the day are the ones that couldn’t be captured with a camera.

I will always remember,

Watching my brothers find the cufflinks in their tux bags and wondering what to do with them,

The way the bride’s mother prayed out loud as she helped her into her dress,

The nervous excitement of the groom as he tried to spy the bride out of the corners of his eye while she approached him from behind for their first look of each other. “I see a corner of your veil! I see your hand! I see your arm!”

The bridesmaids trying to figure out how to pick up the groom for a picture,

All those stolen kisses,

Watching the bride and her father cry before they ever headed down the aisle,

Voices cracking with emotion while reading vows,

And watching everyone try their best to look coordinated while dancing to Michael Jackson in the dusk.