whoever said women have a higher pain tolerance than men was wrong.

So, a friend of mine who is pregnant with her first child posted this innocent remark on her facebook page.

“What do they say, its like pulling a lemon out of your nostril?” -Joel referring to the pain of childbirth”

At this, every woman within shouting distance proceeded to add their two cents.

It’s more like pulling your bottom lip over the top of your head. 🙂

as long as you have an epideral, there is NO pain… i….oh, and did they tell you about AFTER childbirth? how difficult it is to sit down for about a week afterward? nah, noone told me…. they give you a donut to sit on for comfort… ha…that doesn’t work… so be prepared….

for me it was like ball of slime falling out of my body

It doesn’t hurt to sit if they don’t give you an episiotomy. If you aren’t rushed, you won’t tear, either, but most doctors won’t take care with that, either. The episiotomy is easier for them, not us.

can you tell a doctor not to do that?

Make sure you let the nurses know when you first get there or you could end up like me with just some Demerol and natural childbirth unintenionally.

I agree with Kim on not having the episiotomy. I had one for my first delivery, but not the 2nd or 3rd. Much easier recovery from those.

I also delivered all 3 girls without an epidural. I highly recommend natural childbirth!

Tried to do it natural but then I had back labor, bad bad back labor. Go with the flow and listen to your body. Agree that I already forget how bad it hurt ( although I ended up with c section) because the end result is so awesome 🙂

more like a watermelon….let Joel know!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Every woman’s experience is different! Don’t listen to all the horror stories. Have the epidural…..you will be fine…

I rest my case.