Still cute

Some people say that newborn babies resemble tiny old men. Henry may have when he was newer, but right now he’s a lot closer to a middle-aged gent with a beer belly. I’m sure you see where I get the beer belly thing, and as far as the middle-aged thing goes…unfortunately my poor son is now balding–starting with the top of his head. My three-week old son has a receding hairline.


One thought on “Still cute

  1. Yeah, Brayden totally had old man hair. The back and around the sides grew like crazy but on the top…nothing. I actually took the clippers and buzzed the “skullet”? off 3 or 4 times before the top finally started to catch up around 18 months. At least they are boys though. Shariah had the same thing when she was a baby and so many people thought she was a boy no matter what frilly pink thing she happened to wear.

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