when life immitates art…

  • henry has a blond spot on his head
  • he ate no fewer than 20 times today
  • no kidding
  • violet peed her way through 6 outfits
  • Henry thinks Violet is the most interesting person in the house.
  • the cat was forgotten in the garage
  • my children are mutually enthralled by each other
  • my back hurts
  • i’m typing all this with one hand
  • stickers go a long way in making a little girl happy
  • i haven’t officially gone to bed in three weeks
  • its going to rain tomorrow
  • i think we might try making bread–if henry gives us permission
  • its actually kind of cute the way babies can carry a grudge
  • no really, its adorable. he does the whole protruding lip and quivering chin thing really well.
  • The greatest part is watching them smile at each other.

And thats my life–one big grab bag where half the time you dont know if you’re pulling out a golden ticket or a dirty diaper.