What has three heat settings, separates in two, and makes the eyes of housewives light up? A crockpot. I was at a wedding shower for my brother’s fiance today, and I found it comical when a crockpot came out and everyone’s eyes lit up. Each woman nodding with that look of  “of everyone here, I alone truly know how useful of a gift that is”.

Crockpots are amazing though. I think it’s because it’s that one area in a woman’s life where you can put in a little bit of effort and get a lot of rewards. It’s 9am and you’re heading out the door? Dump the makings for a pot roast in to your crockpot (meat, carrots, onions, potatoes, rosemary, salt), close the lid, turn it on, and come home at 4pm to a house that smells like you’ve been slaving over a hot stove all day.

Now, if you’re a man–you probably have no idea how important it is for a woman to find things that require a little bit of effort to get a lot of rewards. After all, you pee standing up, you fish, your idea of a high maintenance morning is including face lotion into the routine of tooth brushing, face washing, and deodorant, and when you have kids–you get to pat your wife on the back and end up with a squirming bundle to coo over while she stares at the ceiling and tries to think of a happy place.

I have a crockpot. I use it all the time. I think I need a bigger one.


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