First, it’s official–Oh Henry is an awesome candy bar. Its like a snickers but fudgier and peanutier. Plus, it comes in two pieces so you can share. I never really paid much attention to it until I had a little boy named Henry and found myself frequently saying, “Oh, Henry…” Anyway, you should try one. They’re named after a boy who used to come in to Williamson Candy Company to flirt with the girls who made the candy. How funny is that?

Second, we’ve officially introduced Henry to jazz–otherwise known as the greatest form of American art. Whenever we’re driving in the afternoon, we always turn it on so that Violet will fall asleep–which she does. It works on Henry too so far, we’ve actually gone out for a drive with the two of them just to get them to both fall asleep at the same time. I love jazz, so I’m a little afraid we may be ruining this music genre for our children–they’ll be out at a dance with their friends and a jazz song will start and they’ll both fall asleep.

Third, little boys (and I should know this with having five brothers) can pee when you least expect it like nobody’s business. Violet peed on stuff when she was a newborn too, but Henry has a much longer reach. Today he was laying on his back on a towel and made a puddle on the bed somewhere above his left shoulder.  How is that possible?

Last but not least, it’s amazing how getting 6 hours of sleep for the first time in a week can make you feel like a human again.


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