“No, we just liked the name Henry”

“Is it a family name?” Whenever you name your child something unusual or outdated, you’re bound to get this question. For the record, when we picked it, we didn’t know of any family members named Henry. Actually, AJ picked it. I named Violet Elaine, and when we were trying to find a name for this little guy, he settled on Henry Andrew pretty solidly. We didn’t plan it that way for each of us to name one but it worked out well. Now that he has been born and we’ve told everyone the name, we’ve found that we have several relatives on each side bearing the name. AJ has two great (great?) grandparent’s named Henry; my dad’s nickname growing up was Henry, and on my mom’s side we’re apparently related to William Henry Harrison. Not ringing a bell? He was that one guy who had a long speech in the rain and then died of a cold. You know, the 9th president who had one of the longest inaugural addresses ever and died after his 32nd day in office. Actually, he was kind of cool–aside from the whole long speech that gave him a cold thing.

Henry means ruler of the home, and has the same germanic origins as our last name. Andrew means strong, manly, warrior, and–as in the case of my husband–hot