This post goes out to my dear friend Irony

Dear Irony,

Thanks for the lovely visit last night. I knew you’d arrived when Henry slept the whole night through but we stayed up with Violet while she threw up for four hours. It was with special appreciation to your art that I finally achieved the milestone of four hours of sleep in one night when I could so easily have had at least six. Oh, and one more thing: Irony, I’d like you to meet my other dear friend–Sarcasm.

i should really sleep before hitting the “publish” button…


3 thoughts on “This post goes out to my dear friend Irony

  1. hi pearl!
    love the irony. i think it may visit at least twice as often now that there are two reasons for it:)
    may i bring you a meal? i’m not the greatest cook in the world, but would love to meet henry in person and bless you with some sort of enchillada or italian pasta dish:)
    maybe next week?

  2. splendified says:

    sure! I’m sure anything you bring we’ll love. Too bad to hear about the irony part. Murphy’s Law also seems to want to stop by more often too.

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