An Extra Measure of Grace


5 thoughts on “An Extra Measure of Grace

  1. Clayre says:

    a)I LOVE the new layout!
    b)That baby boy is so stinkin darn tootin cute! I love the upset face the most!
    c)You may not want to blog all the barbaric and gory details BUT I want to hear them so please, give me a call. Ive got to know how this all goes down from someone other than a drug-crazed “better get the epidural or you WILL die” Texan.

  2. He is beautiful! Love the pictures with big sis. I agree, I’d like to hear some details too. I think homebirth stories are the best. And hey, I shared mine on my blog minus some of the details. I figure if people don’t want to hear it they won’t read it;)

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