sorry guys..

i know, that last blog post was such a hit that i decided not to blog at all yesterday. you should actually be thanking me though, because i have such a one-track mind right now that I can think of nothing to blog about but how ready i am to have this baby and start figuring out how on earth i’m going to take care of two kids. trust me, it isn’t easy being this gorgeous, having such an immaculate house, and keeping gourmet meals on the table 3X365.  Wait, how on earth am I ever going to do that with two kids if I couldn’t do it with one? Especially when you add in working out, playing music, writing a book, reading the bible, learning another language, brushing up on my oil painting non-skills, spending time with people, redecorating my house, learning how to play the accordion (how awesome would that be?), making spool lace, photography, dancing, figuring out how to get the cat to shut up already, being a better mom, and a better wife, and daughter, and friend, and making a ton of money in some obscure work-from-home-on-the-internet that isn’t a scam, but also taking time to travel the world, and live in another country, and go on a safari, and fly a private plane over the bermuda triangle, and walk a tightrope, and swim with dolphins (not sharks), and figure out how to give myself a manicure that actually looks good, and:

play a banjo

with a ring on my toe

that i found

while playing the lead

in Othello.

see? I have a lot going on.