this is really weird

for some reason some of my posts are getting censored by someone…wordpress maybe? In reading through some old ones I noticed that some of them have words that are ***** out. I can’t fix them either. This is really strange.



Today I wish for the fleas of a thousand camels to infest the armpits of anyone who sends out computer viruses. You know its going to be a good one when your windows security center starts giving you messages in broken English…and then attempts to open a porn site.

It’s ok though. I can live without a computer. Luckily Violet and I visit my parents house often enough for her to harass her Auntie Showny, and for me to get online. So far, we haven’t had to go to the library for internet, which, as my brother-in-law says, is not unlike wearing someone else’s underwear. Not that I would know….*cough, cough*

By the way, have any of you tried the upside-down-tomato planter thing yet? I just planted a Sweet Million cherry tomato plant in one the other day, and I’m seriously hoping this is my ticket to getting tomatoes this summer. In the past, I’ve had the embarrassing habit of letting my plants get dried out and then dousing them with water in a last-ditch effort to revive them, which (as you may already know) results in thick-skinned blah tomatoes. Don’t judge me for my haphazard gardening history though, in my defense my patio is usually about 20 degrees hotter than anywhere else, so everything out there just bakes in the summertime.

So, you know what I decided? Back in January of this year, I did a bunch of Convictions posts where I sat on my soapbox and talked your ear off about different issues that I feel strongly about. And by “issues” I don’t mean animal rights…but if you read my blog on any sort of a regular basis, you already know how I feel about that. I say, Save a Cow, Eat a Vegetarian.

(speaking of funny, there’s a new car-fixing place that just opened in my town. Outside the building there’s huge handpainted banner reading Free Ispections! No one loves typos as much as I do. That being said, yes–I know “car-fixing place” isn’t the most technical term, and no, you may not look through my blogs for typos. I actually rarely proof anything I write because I’m lazy and you probably don’t catch most of them)

I just totally tangented on you. Sorry, Anyway, since January, I’ve had so many more Convictions posts I wanted to write. I have a lot to say about a lot of stuff, so I think I just might keep on writing them as long as I come up with new ones. Right now you can read any of my Convictions posts by just searching for “convictions” in the search thing on the right-hand side of this page, but I think I’ll probably make a new tab for them eventually so they’ll be all by themselves just like the “recipes” tab.

This is getting long. Are you still there?