Mix Tape

Remember when people made mix tapes? Anyway, here’s a mix tape from today:

1. I’m pretty sure Lola is officially gone. She kept coming every few days for a while and I would put a dish of food out when she stopped by (yes, I can feel pity) but after we put our laminate flooring in, there was no way I was letting her take a pee in the corner. If a piece of laminate gets messed up, you have to cut it out and glue in your replacement–this sounds about as much fun to me as getting a root canal. Anyway, yay.

2. Violet+extreme sports=someday way sooner than I want it to be. She possesses some great qualities for that sort of thing: no fear of heights, a love of speed, and a desire to push boundaries. AJ just taught her to go down the big slide in the park on her belly face first as if she wasn’t going fast enough to begin with. I got her a pair of crocs the other day, and the soles are grippy enough that now she can climb the climbing wall while AJ spots her. See?

This girl is going to give me gray hair before my time.

3. Quote of the day: 

“As I am illuminated, I begin to reflect.” –Pastor Tim Poetzl

This quote was said in the context of reflecting the light and life of our Savior and I was struck by the simplicity of its cause-and-effect. It reminds me of the need to allow myself to be illuminated in order to reflect. Do I hide in the shade drinking sweet tea, or am I allowing all my imperfections to come into the light of Jesus Christ? I’m not perfect–if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, then you already know this, and sometimes I need reminding that perfection is not a prerequisite for reflecting Jesus.