Ice Cream (from day before yesterday)

Ok, so I realize this is the third post about the events of one day, but I love posting fun pictures and it takes too long to put them all in one post. First, as you can tell from the “Tulips” post, Violet was a little grumpy. As soon as we left the fields she was fast asleep in her car seat. However, the other baby realllly wanted ice cream from a little roadside stand called Snowgoose Produce that advertises immodest ice cream cones. They aren’t kidding. They’re so big that if you don’t split one you feel like you have to cover it with the other hand so no one can see how much ice cream you think you need–hence the “immodest”. That being said–I could totally handle one of those babies all by myself someday when I’m not on a diet. Wait…

Anyway, here’s a story in pictures.


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