it isn’t a box you check on a form

it isn’t what your parents say

it isn’t a pat answer

it isn’t option b

it isn’t what you do on Easter

it isn’t for “someday”

it isn’t only for when times get rough

it isn’t sentimental

it isn’t cute and nice

after all, He’s not a tame Lion…but He’s good.


read this after you read yesterday’s post

One thing I forgot to talk about in the last post:

The music that ice cream trucks play is probably the creepiest part. It sounds demented. How demented? This demented: you walk over to the van to buy some ice cream, and as you peer into the passenger window to ask a question you notice a baby doll buckled in the passenger seat. It’s missing an eye and most of its hair. Startled, you take a step back and that’s when it happens–the doll turns to look at you. That demented.

Okay, so maybe this hasn’t actually happened that I know of, but the music is creepy enough that I wouldn’t be surprised.