The Day of Reckoning

Here we are again: April First. Otherwise known as the one day a year where people have no reason to get in a tizzy when someone pulls a prank on them. Actually, that’s not really true. A couple years back we posted a friend’s car for sale on craigslist and they retaliated by posting our phone numbers under an ad for free movers. I’m not sure who came up with that idea but I have to admit it was awesome.

AJ and I just finished executing a great prank which unfortunately I can’t tell you about because lots of you read this blog, and also because it’s inappropriate (but only very slightly). Suffice to say, someone has a new bumper sticker.

The only prank AJ and I have ever played on each other was April first of 2003. That was before we were married, because once you get married to someone, pulling a prank on them is not unlike pranking yourself. Long story short–he had a family member call me late at night and inform me he had been in a car accident. When I arrived at the rendezvous point to drive to the hospital with his family, he was waiting there grinning like the cheshire cat. Lucky for him my Dad thought it was funny. Later that same night, my brother and I went to his house and pushed his car down the hill into a nearby barn and covered it with hay.

See, now you understand why we would never pull pranks on each other now. Well, maybe little ones.