two things

1. I guess I shouldn’t have been so confused when the scanner kept giving me an error message while I was using the self-checkout at the grocery store. Please remove the item from the scanner, please remove the item from the… Oh, right–my belly; I should probably back up. em-barrassing.

2. Violet really likes to wear deodorant. I have a stick of Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant that I tap on her armpits when she begs long enough. She’s very ticklish though, so while she loves wearing deodorant–it’s a very giggly ordeal.

3. You just can’t beat chili made from scratch.

Okay, so three things.


One thought on “two things

  1. Haha, better than accidently burning a hole in your maternity shirt while standing too close to the stove.

    Well, I guess it’s better to start wearing deoderant early than late;)

    And yes, I definitely agree, the canned stuff is crap!

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