No, I’m not having twins. If I am, some doctor is losing his license if I have anything to say about that. However, once a week (or so) Violet has a playdate with a friend named Isla. They are ten days apart, so I get to experience a small picture of what it would be like to have twins. Except that when they aren’t having a ton of fun, they’re fighting like a couple of cats. No, I guess that sounds about right.

Here’s some pictures of the two of them playing the bucking bronco game with AJ.

This is how the babies ride–Walk, Walk, Walk…

This is how the ladies ride–Trot, Trot, Trot…

This is how the gentlemen ride–Gallop-a-Gallop-a-Gallop…




Yes, I see the discrepancy here–bucking broncos don’t ride but are ridden–I didn’t make the song up: it’s as old as the hills and twice as dusty.


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