Roses and Leprechauns

So, three things:

1. yes, i know its saint patricks day, but i don’t particularly care, and here’s why:

  • i’m pregnant, so no alcohol
  • but green beer never sounds good to me anyway
  • (something with irish cream does…)
  • corned beef does not sound good right now
  • or cabbage…
  • however, I make a mean Irish soda bread.
  • It’s the one day of the year where everyone claims to be part Irish. Which is annoying when you actually have some Irish in you, but not enough to wear a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” t-shirt, while you watch the “Irish” come out of the woodwork in search of green beer, jigs, and free kisses.

2. We’re replacing our carpet with laminate right now, so my living room is in the garage, and Violet is not a fan of all the new places she can’t go.

3. Tomorrow marks five and a half years of marriage for us. You know what? We still got it. However, my wedding bouquet does not. While moving the living room to the garage yesterday, I decided to throw it out and let it die in peace, but first–I took some pictures.