Life With the Cherry on Top

Today was a “with whip cream, sugar, and a cherry on the top” kind of day. Yes, there was that one point where I was humming pentatonic scales in my head just to keep my sanity, and there was that time where she wouldn’t stop using her sippy cup as a water gun on the cat. Violet, are you going to shake water on the cat again? Yes, Mom. Do you want a spank? Yes, Mom. Do you have any idea what I just said? Yes, Mom.

There was also that point where we sat on the couch hugging while she cried after I took the sippy cup away for the third time, and then headed to the kitchen where she sat on the counter watching and touching while I rolled out cinnamon rolls. And of course there was that point where we ran around the park picking all the dandelions just to tear them up and laugh about it… and there was that dandelion crown she forgot she was wearing long enough for her to be surprised when she found it again. And the time when she wouldn’t go down the slide till Daddy had climbed up and killed the two bugs…

Life is made up of moments that contradict. Luckily, there’s always a cherry on top.

Now, sing a musical montage in your head as you watch her climb on the “teeter-totter”.