Reasons Thriftstores Make My Blood Pressure Rise

So here’s the deal with me and thriftstores; I love a good bargain. I do not love going into buildings run by senior citizens trying to scalp people. Usually a good rule of thumb is; if you could get it new at Walmart for not too much more–you’re getting ripped off. I have a new rule. If you could get it new, waaaaay nicer, for much much less at say…Macy’s–you’re getting ripped off.

Case in point: yesterday I saw a computer desk at a thrift store for sale. It was so old, rickety, and bad-looking that I couldn’t even find a similar picture on google. Probably because if you had something that awful in your house, you would promptly take it to the dump and not waste the time to take a picture of it. Alternately, you might first peel off the fake wood sticker-stuff on top of the aging particle board because then it would just fall apart and you could put the pieces in your garbage. Anyway, guess how much it was?


Oh, I only wish.

$25.00? ridiculous, but I still wish..

$250.00? What? Yeah, no that’s two hundred and fifty dollars. It’s still there if you want it.

I’m trying to picture a scenario where someone makes a price like that. I have it–Tommy and Ronald are sitting in the back room. They’ve spent the better part of the morning working on their respective cups of black coffee, a cheese danish each, the pros and cons of steam-powered engines, and of course–pricing the donations. Tommy clears some old magazines off a desk in the back.

“Now Ron, what sort of a desk do you suppose this is?”

Ron shrugs, “I guess it looks real similar to the computer desk I helped Myrtle set up the other day.”

“How much do you think it’s worth?” asks Tommy, as he gives the computer desk an appraising eye.

“Well, I know my brother just bought one for $350 from Freddys. ”

“Better mark it down then–$250?

“$250 sounds like a bargain! Say, you want another danish?”