As if i don’t have enough going on…

Well, I got a job. Yes, it’s a stay-at-home-ish job, and no, I will probably not be making 5k a week. I’ve been looking (mostly on craigslist) because as the old saying goes, If you want to get something done, ask a busy person. Meaning, when I’m lazy, I’m reallly lazy, and I like the motivation that a job gives. Plus, I like money. And ice cream…but that’s not necessarily related. Although, has anyone else noticed how ice cream tubs have gotten smaller and the prices have gone up? Not cool.

Anyway, I’m a legal document secretary for Welco Legal Documents. Welco is a new competitor to websites like or, but with a twist; instead of buying the form online and filling it out yourself, you meet with a legal document secretary and select the forms you need while we walk you through them and send them off to the processing center. The best part is that this service is still less expensive than going with a competitor. AJ and I actually just filled out a will from, and the frustrating part was wondering “Is this thing even real?” when we were done. Of course it was, but its always nice to have someone else reassure you. The best (and really the only part that mattered to me) is knowing that Violet’s future isn’t in the hands of some probate court if something should happen to us.

Are you still reading? Thanks. Shameless plug, I know. I have no excuse though, because I think this is an awesome company and I think everyone needs a will anyway. Ok, I’m done.