I scream, you scream

Today Violet made eyes at a boy. A coquettish smile on a little girl to the ice cream scooper boy at Coldstone creamery is the cutest thing ever. We were in line getting half and half dark chocolate peppermint/cake batter with oreos mixed in (which tasted just like you would imagine grasshopper cake to taste), and AJ was holding Violet up so she could watch the mixing process. While she watched the ice cream boy chop in the oreos, AJ said. “Isn’t that nice? He’s making that just for you!” It was love at first bite.

Here she is. Supremely content. Chocolate lips. Big smile.

In other news, I now see how easy it is to be misinformed as a child.

Quote of the day: “Sorry Violet, the moon popped.”

Yes, when he couldn’t find it in the sky tonight, AJ told her the moon had popped.

Last but not least; it’s Italian month! The first new recipe I tried was Pasta Carbonara, which I’ve been wanting to try forever but needed an excuse to make it because its not healthy and probably not very authentic Italian, but it was nothing less than the marriage of American comfort food, the dreams of an Italian tourist, and bacon and eggs. Please at least go here and look at the pictures.