That Darn Cat

Yes, she’s back. By “she” I most certainly do mean Lola, and by “back” I mean that she waltzed in the door for food after being gone for two weeks without so much as a “Hey, Stranger!”

But maybe I should explain. If you’ve been following the saga of Lola, you already know that we got her and her brother as Christmas presents for Violet. It was love at first sight for Violet, since she’s never had anyone to boss around. Charlie and Lola are outdoor kitties with indoor privileges and they cry on the porch until we let them in for food, petting, and various forms of abuse from Violet. You also already know that she peed in my closet–on my new boots. What you don’t know is that she probably peed out of spite.

It’s like this; Violet and I were sitting on the couch reading a book, and Lola was sitting on a chair eying  the remainders of breakfast on the table. I knew if I didn’t stop her that she’d be up there finishing off the oatmeal and getting cat germs every where, so I did what every sane person does and proceeded to throw any toys within my reach at her. Once she realized the toys were indeed sent with menace in mind and not some form of magical offering, she gave me one malevolent glare and ran off. I guess the kicker was me saying “Here Kitty, Kitty!” and chucking a doll at her head when she finally looked my way. I didn’t think anything of it till a couple minutes later when I happened to hear Violet shrieking at the cats (again) and upon investigation found Lola in the process of peeing directly on my suede boots. I then proceeded to gently pick her up and gently place her outside–again, gently. Then, I didn’t let her come in for three days. Relax PETA, this is a neighborhood where everyone else seems to think you feed your cat on the back porch, so I knew there was food to be had. Plus, I didn’t care. Anyway, she stopped coming for a total of two weeks and I thought this whole hairy mess was behind us until–she came back.

I’m not going down without a fight though–I just posted a craigslist ad for her. Is that wrong?

Isn’t she cute? My mom always said “Pretty is as pretty does”