I just did a vanity search

That’s right. I went to Google, and typed in my own name. I do that every so often to make sure and certain there’s nothing weird about me floating around on the internet. You’ll be happy to know–there isn’t. In fact, I didn’t find anything at all–sometimes it’s nice to know that in spite of all my fame, I can still enjoy a little bit of anonymity. Yes, that was tongue-in-cheek.

Anyway, Violet is getting molars in. If you’ve ever had a child get molars in, then you probably understand the weight of that last sentence. When you really stop to think about it, much of life is very barbaric. Apparently Violet has been thinking along these same lines all day. Oh yeah, and speaking of “barbaric”, can I add Childbirth to that list? Am I allowed to do that? Will someone please tell me how this is 2010 and we’re still having babies much the same way we always have? It’s completely barbaric! (Isn’t that a great word?)

Last but not least, I spent the majority of the day begging, pleading, cajoling, and generally making rash promises to the little one inside of me to unlock his knees and stop crushing my internal organs. This child is freaking strong. Today, I have 9 (but begging for 7) weeks to go. May 5th, we’re coming.