Saskatoon Summer

Today while out and about, AJ and I were talking about what a long summer we’re in for. I mean, its only the end of February and the whole world is turning green and beginning to bloom. It reminded me of growing up in Eastern Washington where summertime seems to stretch as long as childhood, and the saskatoons are ripe for weeks.

In the summertime, we could spend all day playing in the woods, down by the creek, or out in the field. The summer heat was broken by catching grasshoppers, chasing minnows in the shallows, and eating saskatoon berries. If you’ve never had a saskatoon, it’s probably because you didn’t pick it yourself, as commercial saskatoon picking would be a tiring business. They look a bit like a blueberry on a wiry shrub-like tree and the flavor is best described as one part blueberry, one part dry grass that’s hot under bare feet, one part shade on a warm day, and one part picking out the best looking pebbles in the riverbed. And that’s why my childhood memories will always be one part saskatoon summer.


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