One of the best parts about children is all the “firsts”

Today Violet and I had two firsts.

She had her first haircut–ever. I decided it was time when in picking her nose, she inadvertently shoved the tips of her bangs up her nostril and they dried there. No one else will be able to tell she’s had a haircut, but needless to say, there will be no moreĀ  booger bangs for a while.

Secondly, she had her first popsicle. I’m pretty sure this was the first one ever, but for sure it was the first one of the summer. Wait. Its February. I don’t care. We spent the afternoon in the park wearing short sleeves and topped it off with a walk to Safeway where we sunned at the patio tables and shared an orange popsicle.

edit: it wasn’t the first popsicle ever. last fall at the dc zoo, we gave her a rainbow popsicle and in the end, she was covered in many colors and very happy.