three non-pertinent points of information

So, today I realized that we are way grosser than I ever gave us credit for. We found a mostly empty half-gallon of vanilla eggnog under our bed. From early November. How sick is that? It’s not like we have a ton of stuff under our bed either; I have a storage tub for linens, and that’s about it. Have I really not looked under the bed for three and a half months? Luckily it was a plastic carton, so it never smelled, but seriously…

Number 2: So way back in the 2002 Olympics, Apolo Ohno¬† won a gold medal because the man who crossed the line first was disqualified for blocking. This man was a South Korean. Ever since then, Ohno has had the dubious distinction of possibly being the most hated athlete in South Korea. Since he is competing in this current Olympics, all the old wounds are resurfacing. Apparently, hell hath no fury like a South Korean scorned. For example, one company even makes toilet paper with pictures of Ohno’s face as he celebrates his gold medal.

Lastly, it feels like the beginning of a beautiful summer around here and today was no exception.