there’s a reason the internet shouldn’t be trusted…

So, tonight for dinner I made tandoori chicken. I’m sure that somewhere, someone has made this and it was amazing. That someone somewhere was not me in my house. It was the weirdest recipe ever. That’s what I get for using a reader-submitted recipe on From here on out, I will be going with a reputable source for my recipes–good foodie blogs and people like you. By the way, thanks to all of you who have posted recipes for me to try. I haven’t tried any of them, but I most likely will sometime 😉

Secondly, today AJ made Jello for Violet. Just plain fruity jello because she’d never had it before and we figured she would be completely amazed. She was. She also didn’t think it was edible, but good for playing with; sucking on chunks and spitting them back on her tray just to watch them bounce. I finally mixed it with vanilla yogurt just to get her to eat it. Is that weird?

Lastly, if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or too much stress in your life, then I have a solution. Watch Baby Einstein videos on youtube. Violet and I watched one today while AJ was making lunch, and all I can say is that they have the wrong target audience. Forget the babies, play those videos during corporate meetings and watch the blood pressure drug companies go out of business. I’m serious.