Free to…anyone.

1 cat named Lola.

She peed in the closet. on my boots. I mentally went through all the steps involved in getting out the shotgun, loading it, finding a suitable location to place the cat where neighbors wouldn’t hear, and shooting her full of shot. PETA would sooooo not approve.

I now have no sympathy for her despite her daily demonstrations of fealty to Violet who demands no less than complete submission in her self-appointed role as High Queen of the Kitties.

maybe not the shotgun…maybe poison. that way I could tan the pelt.


2 thoughts on “Free to…anyone.

  1. cheeseclayre says:

    Someone in my family once came up with the brillian idea to get another kitten, even though we already had a cat, Leah, that had been around for years. The kitten, Faye, was SO cute but she quickly grew into a long haired monster. She wasn’t terribly behaved but she made our sweet Lead turn into peeing, hissing, biting brattyness. It was clear she didn’t approve of our adoption. We tried everything to get her to behave but to no avail. Finally I decided I had enough; I took Faye to the pound. I know, I know, shameful. But, as soon as I got home and let Leah out of her “time out” exile in the upstairs bathroom (to control her frequent urination) she ran all over the house, looking under every chair and in every closet. The minute she realized Faye was gone she went back to being her sweet, well-behaved self. Should I feel bad? Maybe. Do I? NO. I support you Pearl! 🙂

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