Good Vs. Better

When AJ and I were engaged we got a lot of advice. A. Lot. There’s just something about being engaged that opens you up for all sorts of input. It’s not unlike walking around with a sign on your forehead that says,

Wanted: Loads of unsolicited advice from people I may or may not know

incidentally, the same thing happens when you get pregnant for the first time. And the second time. Probably the third time too. But I digress…I think. (who says “digress” anyway?) Anyway, when we were engaged I received two pieces of advice that have stuck with me;

  • “Make sure that each of you gives 50% all the time in your relationship. That way, you’re both putting the same amount of effort into your relationship.”
  • “Always give 100% in your relationship. Don’t measure your love for your spouse based on their most recent performance.”

Obviously those are two dramatically different perspectives on a relationship. In reading them, you probably guessed which one is better than the other, but if you’re anything like me, you also probably said “Ouch.”

Today, like every other day, I am reminded to love unconditionally. No one wins when the measuring stick comes out.

Lastly, for your voyeuristic pleasure I have included a picture from our first wedding anniversary.  Happy Valentines Day.