Chicken Coconut Curry

or Coconut Chicken Curry, or Coconut Curry Chicken. I have no idea.

So, I didn’t take a picture. I do have a link to the recipe for you and it looks much the same. Honestly, good food isn’t always pretty, and Indian food is no exception. It looks like this chunky orange slop, but it tasted great.

Here is the link. I did make quite a few changes to the recipe though, so if you want to make it, keep them in mind.

  1. I cooked everything except the coconut milk and tomato paste together because I wanted the chicken to be full of flavor. I just dumped it all in my pot at the same time and turned it on medium. Once the chicken was cooked, I added the coconut milk and tomato paste and stirred till  smooth.
  2. I added at least twice as much of the curry and garam masala.
  3. I added about 4-5 ounces tomato paste instead of the 3 it calls for.
  4. more salt to taste.
  5. a teaspoon or so of cumin
  6. I also used chicken leg quarters because they were on sale a couple of months ago, and the dark meat didn’t overwhelm the flavor at all. That’s actually what was in the curry at the restaurant where I ate this the first time.
  7. you might want some cayenne to up the heat factor because this is not spicy.

Above all, just season to taste. And yes, you should make it.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Coconut Curry

  1. splendified says:

    haha, from none other than the pioneer woman! i will certainly try this because i was curious as soon as you mentioned it. thanks!

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