February: Indian Food

OK, so remember how I said that for the month of February, we were going to cook ethnic food only; changing each week to a new country. We decided that was a bad idea. Instead, we’ll just focus on a new country each month. This month is going to be Indian food. I’ve never really been too interested in Indian food; partly because when you live in rural areas, Indian restaurants are hard to find. Plus, I’ll be honest–it never sounds good. However, last weekend my brother’s fiancée Melissa and I went to an Indian restaurant where we split an order of coconut chicken curry and naan bread. I completely loved it. Completely.

On that note, I am on the lookout for several meal/recipe ideas, because I know basically nothing about Indian food. What’s popular? What is a good classic dessert?

Here’s what I have on this month’s menu so far:

Coconut Chicken Curry (of course)

Naan bread (also, of course)

Tandoori Chicken

Maharaja Curry with Lamb

I’m looking for 3-4 other recipes. Also, does anyone know of any ethnic markets nearby that would have ingredients for Indian food? Would it be weird to buy stuff like garam masala off Amazon?

I know some of you have had Indian food. Please help me with any ideas or suggestions.


10 thoughts on “February: Indian Food

  1. Amanda says:

    I think you can find most of the spices at the food Co-op. I guess that’s not super nearby for you (Mount Vernon?), but that’s where I find my Garam Masala and other Indian spices. Naan is so good, and so easy to make! I don’t have any new ideas for you, but those all sound really good… mmm.

  2. Milena and Sam says:

    Hey Pearl,
    I am posting my chicken masala and roti bread (like naan bread but more like a tortilla thickness) recipes on my blog tonight for you. I’ve been wanting to post them and this will give me the kick in the butt I needed. 🙂 We make these two recipes on an almost weekly basis. I also have a book full of good Indian recipes if you need something specific… let me know.

  3. I have some great cooking light recipes. if you look up curry at cooking light.com you should find some good and healthy ones. If it is not a fruitful search let me know and I can give you some specific ones.

    Have fun!

  4. hi pearl–
    my favorite thing is butter chicken. my sister buys these flavoring packets in b.c. for all the yummy indian dishes and it makes it sooo easy. however, as long as you have garam masala and plain yogurt & butter, you can make almost anything taste so good. i’ve never had a GOOD indian dessert–i once had these noodles that had sugar on them and it was pretty gross. maybe just some naan with butter & cinnamon would work:)

  5. p.s. there is a great restaurant in vancouver b.c. and they make dosas–a kind of crepe with curry/spicy vegetables–usually eggplant and potatoes. very yummy too. and easy for us not-native-indian types to make.

  6. cookinglight.com
    I searched Indian instead of curry and found the Indian rice pudding (dessert) recipe I was looking for. They also have a good recipe for the cucumber yogurt dip (Raita) they use for bread and as a condiment in other dishes. And Indian cashew chicken sound yummy but I haven’t made that one.
    Post any good recipes you find.

  7. Milena and Sam says:

    I would probably recommend the chicken masala, roti, naan bread, and tandoori chicken (if you need a recipe, I have one) That’s all I can think of right now. Oh! One cultural thing you could add to your meals though: Try some plain yogurt as a side with your spicy Indian meals. This is how they eat spicy food so often… they put a little plain yogurt (no sugar, and try to get it without gelatin too) on their meal… or you can eat a couple bites separately if you hate the idea of putting it on your food. I find it tastes really good and helps your stomach digest the spiciness.

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