so much for sledding…

Well, here we are–the end of January. Unfortunately, the New Year’s resolution that I had for this month was to go sledding, but there was no snow to be had. Anywhere. I decided to substitute that event by allowing the cats to come inside enough for me to discover that no, Lola was not shedding; Violet was pulling chunks of hair out of her whenever she would carry her around.

I also had some other Convictions posts I was thinking about doing, but tonight is my first night home since Friday afternoon, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time blogging. I spent the weekend at my church women’s retreat at a hotel in Bellevue. Here’s all I intend to tell you about that:

1. I really don’t like self-flushing toilets because they always flush too soon and I barely get my pants pulled up in time to make sure the toilet seat cover goes down too. Please tell me you use toilet seat covers or toilet paper whenever you use a public toilet. Please. Please. Please. And yes, in case you’re confused, I don’t like flushing the toilet twice. Why? because whenever I hear someone else have to flush twice to get the job done, I assume they just had some serious business that was taken care of.

2. Try as we might, my two roommates and I could not locate a fan in our bathroom. Yes, it was bad.

3. One of my roommates was my little brother’s fiancée. Finally, another sister! (and this one never stole my clothes, got in to my stuff, or tattled on me to my parents. Having a ton of brothers just might be more fun that I bargained on.)

4. I just realized that I LOVE chicken coconut curry. I shall now attempt to make some. soon.


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