Convictions: Happily Ever After

Call me young and naïve, but I still believe in Happily Ever After. I didn’t say Happily Always After, but Happily Ever After is a little more big picture than that. I feel like happiness is treated like second-class joy or on the same fallible-human emotion level as infatuation, which, if you’ve ever read the Song of Songs you  know that both are created by God to add depth to our lives.

Its holy to be joyful–boy is it ever. It’s even “holier” to be joyful and solemn. “Yes Brother, I’m sore pressed on every side and deep in trials and tribulations, but I have the joy of the Lord!” Well, good for you. Everyone has hardships to face–that’s part of what makes the good parts so good, but everyone also has the chance for happiness. God has ingrained in our human nature an innate need for happiness; for light-hearted abandon and giggles that turn to belly laughter. Please don’t misunderstand me–you can have joy without happiness, but you can’t have true happiness without joy. I’m not downplaying joy here, I’m just reaffirming the importance of the God-gift of happiness.

And so this is my conviction: Marriage is meant to be a happy place. It is meant to be many things…so many things rich and beautiful–not the least of which is Happiness. Cultivate it. Seek out those tiny seeds of laughter and pamper them through self-sacrifice and humility. Make that expression of deep gladness where your soul is disclosed to another, the priority it needs to be for a healthy marriage.

The two greatest thief’s of Happiness are Bitterness and Boredom. Find them when they are young and kill them quickly.


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