This Ain’t My First Rodeo

I just decided I completely love that phrase. There’s just enough red-neck about it to be real life. Just enough dirt around the collar to let you know it works.

Reasons why two cats are better than one:

  1. they tag-team to entertain Violet.
  2. if one dies, I’ve still got the other.
  3. cats like company.
  4. double the trouble–double the fun.

basically, i still think this whole cat thing was a fantastic idea. last time we got a cat, he had two major strikes against him: never been outside, never seen another cat once he left his litter. Translation: he got his little orange tabby butt kicked by the neighborhood cats and wasted away from sheer lack of know-how. No, he didn’t die–I got rid of him. Charlie and Lola were born and raised outside, although you wouldn’t know it be the way they cry outside the door when we get up.