Miracles do happen!

That’s right–Violet got a kitty for Christmas. Actually she got two, but one of them ran away as soon as we got home, so…

Anyway, here is a picture of Violet and Lola this morning.

Violet LOVES Lola.

Have I mentioned that Lola loves Violet right back?

Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas Poems

I love poetry and rhyme and meter and prose, and mixing them up like nobody knows. I also love Christmas. Therefore, I like writing poems about Christmas on Christmas–clever, I know. That being said, this year I am going green and recycling some poems from years past. Here you go.

This one is from Christmas of ’07

“Your King Comes to You” (Zechariah 9:9)

On the first Christmas morning,
the tears of God were shed.
Watching with excitement,
His eyes were misty and red.
He saw a perfect baby–His own perfect Son,
and He knew that this baby would be the only One.

He watched that little baby with perfect baby breath…those little curls of hair…brown eyes closed in rest–
and He knew that through this baby, all nations would be blessed.

God watched the sleeping child and a tear rolled down His cheek–
the Savior of the world was his first born son.
The sins of all the people He would carry on His shoulders,
He would go down to the grave and victory would be won

listen to the angels’ song,
they tell of a great debut
today with power and humility,
your King comes to you.

I wrote this next on in December of ’08 after an old man at a flea market gave Violet a gift from his table.

…and that one-horse open sleigh

there’s a small-town smile,
a gift from a stranger
a bell jingle on the door handle,
and a baby in the manger.

maybe there’s no snow,
maybe there’s no presents,
maybe you’re working overtime
and debt is the season’s essence.

but bigger than the Christmas tree
in the center of the city,
and bigger still than the lump you feel
as you swallow back self-pity…

is the Hope that grows
like nobody knows
Because of the baby named