Quote Of The Day and other oddities

“We saw our baby’s’ phalanges, and it’s a boy!” –AJ

To be fair, we did see our baby’s phalanges (finger bones) today, and it is also a boy. Keep in mind that we were scrutinizing an area no bigger than my thumbnail, through a cross-section, in a snowstorm. It was kinda hard to miss though.

The other day, I was driving past a sportsclub and they had written a holiday joke or riddle (i’m not sure which) on their sign.

Santa eats Ho Ho’s. Think about it

Here’s the problem, I’m not sure if it’s so simple that I’m not getting it because I hope it’s more complex than Santa say’s “Ho Ho Ho” because he eats so many Ho Ho’s, or if it really is deeper than that and if I think about it long and hard I will suddenly get the brilliance of the joke (or riddle). I think it’s especially cruel to tell someone a joke (or riddle) and finish by saying “think about it” as if to say that their first reaction is going to be wrong so they should second-guess themselves on a one-dimensional joke.

Last but not least, remember back last spring about the whole scandal with the governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer and his call girl? Major kudos are in order for anyone that can maximize their fifteen minutes of fame as well as Ashley Dupre has. Apparently, she was just given an advice column with the New York Post on love and relationships. No, I’m not kidding. It’s nice to see that we’re finally finding reputable sources for advice. Anything to save a failing newspaper industry, right?


4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day and other oddities

  1. Clayre says:

    Actually, I was named after my great grandfather….so I guess it’s a boy’s name….but I wouldn’t reccomend it!:) You could go with Clarence though haha

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