To Remember

Today Violet had her first communion. Partly out of necessity, and partly to include her in that sacred moment of remembrance. I was pretty sure there was no way she would sit quietly while we ate a cracker and took a sip of juice without sharing any with her, and the more I thought about it the more I thought about what it really means to take communion.

I don’t think the disciples had a clue what they were drinking to when they took¬† that first communion. I don’t think they really knew the depth of sacrifice represented by the body and the blood. Jesus certainly wasn’t putting a penitent heart and full acknowledgment of the sacredness of those elements as a prerequisite for sitting with Him at a table and sharing a loaf of bread and a glass of wine.¬† After all, He did share communion with Judas just before he betrayed Him, as well as Peter; the disciple that would deny he ever knew Jesus. And He knew this.

Communion certainly is not meant to be taken lightly, or in jest, but it is meant to be taken. Jesus invites us to sit and eat with Him without making us to meet certain requirements first.

It will be years before Violet has a basic grasp on the significance of communion. We shared our communion with her today because we wanted to include her in the tradition of remembrance where sacred meets sinful, and where the Divine meets us as we are.