how to, too cute, two’s company

1. If you still need a christmas tree and you seek both a postcard moment, low-cost, and adventure, then have I got the link for you.

If you go here, it gives you all the info to cut your own tree down in snoqualmie national forest areas. the cost is $10 for a tree under 12 feet and a minimum of $20 for a tree over 12 feet. Pro’s: awesome idea. Con’s: potentially time-consuming search for a tree. We’re heading out tomorrow morning (maybe) so i’ll let you know how it all goes.

2. Violet now initiates prayer at every eating event. I’ll be just sitting down with some orange slices and the next thing I know, I look over and she’s got her head bowed and her hands folded. a-dorable.

3. Violet and Baby #2 are giving me a run for my money. I just want to stick my head under the sand.