Thanksgiving part 3

Yes, I know. Again with the whole thanksgiving thing.

Today I have four things for you.

1. The Pioneer Woman. It’s a blog. Go. read. I’m giving you a link here that will send you to her Thanksgiving menu, in case you need some last-minute tips, ideas, or inspiration. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to have the first clue about cooking to make something gourmet and amazing on her blog because she posts amazing pictures of every step in the process. Don’t be shy–go!


This is the schtuff i put in my turkey brine. This, and some other stuff.


Of course, no explanation should be necessary, but for you Canadians; this is a Pumpkin pie. I put the maple leaves on there ‘specially for you.


Yams. sugar. cinnamon. butter. molasses.


Okay, so I actually had five things for you. This is stuffing.


Last but not least; the results are in and turkey brining works amazing. It was actually quite easy. I made my brine/salty broth and soaked the turkey all day in one of my fridge vegetable bins. It worked so good that even though I waaaay overcooked my turkey the breast is still oozing moistness.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving part 3

  1. Milena and Sam says:

    PS In Canada we are discriminated against by the internet. I couldn’t watch your videos because I’m “outside of the US”

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