warning: this post is boring but i like it because it makes me think of good smells

Every Thanksgiving menu should include the following:

a turkey (obviously, right?)

stuffing (but not store bought or stuffed in the bird)

mashed potatoes (um, yes)

gravy (because)

cranberries (i know, i know; it’s tradition)

pumpkin pie (homemade)

The negotiables are the ones i’m always interested in? what do other people eat on Thanksgiving? (besides the above)

Here’s what I always make:

more stuffing (you say that like it’s a bad thing)

corn casserole (it’s amazing–i’ll take a pic and share the recipe this year the day before Thanksgiving if i remember. same goes for the stuffing)

rolls (to fill the holes left behind after everything else)

more dessert (like pecan pie and other interesting sweet things)

candied yams (more like candied “yums!” Am i right? ok…that was cheesy)

cranberry-orange relish (this is what you really bought that food processor for)

spiced hot apple cider (alcohol optional)

Which brings me to this:

what do you make? and how??



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