the yankees win the world series. again. yaaaaay.

Here’s the deal. I don’t particularly care who wins, but just today I was remembering how rude people in New York can be and with a home team like the Mariners I don’t really want to hear about how awesome the Yankees are.

We were in a library in New York back in September during our epic travels across the east coast and AJ was carrying Violet while I pushed the stroller with our bags in it. Since she hated the stroller, this was our typical arrangement. So here’s what happened. We’re heading towards the elevator, and the doors are open with two people waiting inside. I speed up and ask them to hold the door and what do they do? Hit the door close button. I responded by jamming the stroller into the last gap in the door as they repeatedly slammed and eventually spit the stroller feet out. If you don’t want to share the elevator with someone, discreetly hit the door close button–don’t look straight at them as they run towards you and casually reach over and hit the button.

My only consolation is that the Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies–they may have good cheesesteak but that is one dirty armpit of a city.


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