cold weather soul food

Today’s post is about one of my favorite fall meals. Pulled pork on yams. Simple. Amazing. Simply amazing. how’s that for cliche?

The Most Amazing Recipe That I Made Up


1. Go to the store and buy a pork roast. Any kind, at least the size of your head.

2. Buy some yams (1 per person). You could use sweet potatoes, but yams are just so much better. Red garnet yams if you can get them.

3. Buy some barbecue sauce. I prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s because it is so cheap and you have to use so so much, but you can use anything.


1. Place the meat fatty side up in an oven proof dish that can be covered or a crockpot. If you’re cooking it in the oven, cook it at 350 for 2+ hours depending on size. If you’re cooking it in the crockpot cook it on high for 4+ hours.


here is the raw meat with half the barbecue sauce

2. Cover in barbecue sauce and anything else that looks interesting. Today I used some steak seasoning. Use enough barbecue sauce to completely cover the meat.

2b. Wash, stab with a fork and wrap in foil the yams about 1-2 hours before serving. Bake at 350 on a pan so that they don’t drip onto the oven floor.

3. Cook till the meat is falling apart. The crockpot is the best way to get reliable results, but if you don’t have enough time then you can also use the oven. If you cook in the crockpot there will be a lot of juice and the fat can be hard to sort from the meat unless you pick it all out of the pot before you “pull” it.


4. Pull the pork. Use forks or tongs and generally demolish the beautiful roast into a sloppy mess of meat and sauce. Don’t shred or tear the meat too much.


1. Place a yam on each plate. Slice in half lengthwise. It should be creamy soft.

2. Serve the pulled pork directly over the top of the yam and garnish with extra juice and barbecue sauce.


Please excuse the poor lighting and cheap camera.


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