While the word paradigm is often used interchangeably with the word  perspective, it is important to realize that it refers to a perspective shaped by a pattern or prototype of thinking. It could of course be argued that all perspectives are shaped in such a way, but when we choose or allow one or two key elements to define our response to everything we see, we are operating under the paradigm of those key elements.

Every day I have to reshape my paradigm. Re-choose, reassess, remind. Today mine started out as unfairness; everything was unfair about heading off to church in our cozy sunday cheer only to have AJ get called in on the way to church resulting in a drive back home, saying goodbye and heading off to church alone with Violet. Yesterday my paradigm was discontent. Discontent over my little house, my loud neighbors, or my lack of a yard.

Good thing God is always there for those reality checks. It was a blessing to sleep in this morning and have a leisurely time getting ready for church, and I do have the lifestyle of the richest ten percent in the world. Even if both of those weren’t true, there’s no denying my needs are met and my God is awesome. Re-choose, reassess, remind.