Gotta Walk The Walk

When I was a girl, I prided myself in being able to keep up with my dad’s steps while we’d be out herding the sheep in or crossing the river to the garden. While not without some effort, I had perfected long loping strides in an effort to avoid the walking/running-to-catch-up-and-look-silly-in-the-process effect. Plus, it made me feel about ten years older, which–when you’re eleven–is awesome. When I got into highschool and we moved from Eastern Washington, I realized that only farm girls with dirt under their fingernails walk like that so I eventually dropped the habit.

Violet, on the other hand, marches to the beat of her own drummer. We were in costco today and since I’d opted out of getting a cart (big mistake) Violet was running around the store with her harried mother trying to keep up. (Sometimes people give me dirty looks when she asks to be held and I say no. I’m pretty sure whenever they do that that God gives me one of the jewels out of their crown. This little girl is heavy when she squirms constantly). Anyway, coming from an afternoon of observation in the free zoo (PETCO) and Costco, I’d have to say that her walking style is The Viking Charge. What? You’re not familiar with The Viking Charge? Picture a hillside of Vikings running towards you at full charge. They were out on a raid and you pillaged their village only to have them come home for dinner and catch you in the act. There’s more–they’re mad. Their strides are wide, uneven and hectic as they eat up the ground under them. Their arms are windmills wielding all sorts of awful looking weapons. Their face is one giant screaming mouth with veritable steam coming out of their ears. Now picture a cute little girl in place of a 45-year-old man. Also, picture that she’s happy but just as excited about getting to her destination. Maybe thats why people give me the dirty looks.