Today was all about discovery. Violet has known for some time now that the three of us have bellybuttons. She frequently lifts up our shirts to check on said bellybutton and possibly to see what we’ll do if she subjects it to a number of research-related tests including but not limited to pinching, poking, scratching, etc. She also knows she has a bellybutton, but the problem is that she has a hard time seeing it what with all the overhanging-beer-gut issues that are so prevalent in early childhood.

Anyway, today her friend Isla came over to play and at one point Violet lifted up her shirt to see what was under it when she spotted another one of those wonders of nature. Yes, it’s true. Isla has a bellybutton too. Thus, most of the rest of the visit consisted of Violet pushing Isla down so she could lift up her shirt and observe Isla’s bellybutton.


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