Clayre Turner is Awesome

Today’s post goes out to my friend clayre who just ran her second or third Chicago Marathon. Marathon running is for crazy people. She said her time was 4:36 which means that she was running for four hours and thirty-six minutes. That’s crazy. I have very little interest in being able to run for that length of time–i’d much rather run a marathon in 35 to 40 minutes. Anyway, Clayre is awesome.

Alright, so a couple of things.

1. I have the hardest time putting the fitted sheet on the bed. No, it is not always obvious to me which side is the short side. Yes, I purposefully buy sheets with some pattern or stripe.

2. Tonight while driving home I was thisclose to hitting a skunk. If you’ve ever hit a skunk before, you know that the only nice part is that no one tries to get rides from you anymore.

3. Since AJ works in healthcare, I get a fair amount of enjoyment saying things like “Knock ’em dead!” or “Break a leg!” when I send him out the door for work in the morning. Is that bad?

4. When Violet and I were in Costco today they were baking their cinnamon-raisin bagels and the smell was exactly like my grandma’s kitchen when I was little. My grandparents always had cinnamon-raisin bread when we would come up to visit on vacation. (This was back when we lived in the wild woods of eastern washington and coming to seattle to visit was a once-a-year occasion.) Every morning my grandma would give us a bowl of cheerios with a buttered piece of cinnamon-raisin toast and we would sit in the kitchen nook watching the squirrels on the patio. Sometimes the sweetest memories of childhood are the ones you never expect.