Today’s headlines

We went thriftstoring just for fun.

Apparently Stupid Prices is going out of business…and I have a gift card there. yay.

Obama gets a Nobel Peace prize.

Next year I plan on entering the neighbors’ cat–not for anything she’s done, but just in case she does do something. Just in case.

Fall colors are sweeping the valley with a vengeance and no green leaf is safe.

Violet is so cute.

I have all our trip pictures up on Picassa. Now I just have to figure out to password enable it so only people I know can see the pictures. Right now no one can.

Seriously, Picassa web albums need an easy button.

We winterized our patio and I was glad we didn’t have a big yard until I saw the neighbor’s golden retriever…

Substituting leftover yellow cake mix for the flour in apple pie crust and strusel topping is AMAZING.

I love making apple pies with strusel topping instead of a crust because then you can stack the apples sky-high and when it’s done you don’t have a big gap between the apples and the crust.

Cost for making theĀ  Grand Canyon Skywalk? 30 million. Cost to replace the stanwood camano bridge and add a lane? 85 million. Gotta love the WSDOT.